"You certainly do it right."

Mr. Ward:

Thank you for contacting me concerning my recent electrical problems.  I was going to write to you anyway.

I have had repairmen, contractors, delivery people in and out of my home all summer.  Some of the experiences have not been pleasant.  Everything from no-shows to workers who didn't bring tools with them.  I had to beg a roofing contractor to give me a start date (after a payment, of course).  I am still waiting for the guarantee package he promised when they finally completed the roof and accepted final payment approximately July 24th.  At that time he said it would be three to four weeks.

What a refreshing surprise it was to do business with Town & Country.  I was told when the technician would be here, he phones when he could get here earlier.  I missed the call, call your office, the technician had gone on another job.  She gave me an approximate time and he called when he was able to do the work.  Then the receptionist called and told me he was on his way.  I was so pleased with the service.  Those calls took probably two minutes.  It was a small job, but the service I received from you office staff and your electrician went above and beyond the $73 service call.  Other businesses would do well to study your business model.

Thanks again, and continued success with your business.  You certainly do it right.