Jim Smutny

I just wanted to express my appreciation at the service Town & Country Electric provided a couple of weeks ago at a small house I own with a couple of partners in N Nampa.

We were having issues with the power for the house, your technician arrived at the first opportunity, determined immediately the issue was with Idaho Power and was on his way. I was also impressed with the fact we were not even assessed with a service charge, we appreciate that!

We are set to sell this house within a couple of weeks or so and following the we will be pursuing purchasing another fixer project. If all things turn out well I'm hopeful we can utilize quality service such as yours in the near future.

By the way, I initiated the call from the recommendation of one of my partners, Roger Campbell. He is the former owner of Containers West in Nampa and spoke highly of his experience and contact with Andy Ward. Hopefully we can establish a solid business relationship during these difficult economic times. Thanks again!!

Jim Smutny

Vision Real Estate