MSHA Certified


Town & Country offers a variety of ground resistance testing services, and we are now MSHA (Mine Safety and Health Administration) trained and certified, qualifying our technicians to perform ground testing on any mining facility.

The term "ground" is defined as a conducting connection by which equipment (or a circuit) is connected to the earth. A solid "ground" consists of a grounding connector, a bonding connector, its grounding electrode(s) and the soil in contact with the electrode.

Grounding systems offer protection from lightening and other phenomenon by channeling current into the ground, protecting personnel from injury or even death. Good grounding is more important than ever because of the high-tech (and high price) of today's machinery and equipment. A power surge can mean costly damage and downtime. Expensive surge protectors are useless without a solid and effecitve ground.

Low ground resistance is required to meet NEC, OSHA and other electrical safety standards. After performing a ground resistance test, we will provide you with formal, documented test results.

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