Pioneer Federal Credit Union

About this project ...

We helped Pioneer Federal Credit Union complete an expansion the their facility in Mountain Home.  We also completed all the electrical on their new facility in Nampa, on 12th Avenue. 

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Raniey Hall / Gowen Field

About this project ...

Town & Country provided major lighting upgrades at Rainey Hall / Gowen Field.  The facility received an Idaho Power rebate, energy savings, and an amazing increase in light displayed by the pictures below.

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Degroot Dairy

About this project ...

Town & Country helped construct Degroot Dairy from the ground up.  We returned to install lighting upgrades to help increase milk production.  The pictures below illustrate fans and controls that we wired to increase milk production even further. 

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United Haulilng

About this project ...

We helped United Hauling with the unique project of standing the arch they constructed.  The arch is made of stainless steel scraps they had and we used our boom truck to erect the project.

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Drylake Dairy

About this project ...

Town & Country is proud to have provided all the electrical to bring Drylake Dairy to life.  We continue to support the opperation with energy saving upgrades and maintenance.  The picture below shows the main electrical area.  We have installed efficient lighting upgrades, freestall additions, fuel tank upgrades, and more.

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About this project ...

We were happy to help NNU by setting new parking lot pole lights with our boom truck.  We also retro-fitted existing pole lights. 

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