Hotel Remodel

Town & Country is proud to have been a part of a remodel project at the Sleep Inn in Nampa.  We worked with Idaho Power to get the hotel the largest rebate possible.  The project turned out great and we would recommend anyone needing a hotel in Nampa to check out these fabulous new rooms.

 sleep inn


Town & Country Electric is one of the top three contractors working with Idaho Power and their energy efficiency programs.  We have been working with Idaho Power since the beggining of their rebate programs and we strive to continually stay up-to-date on any changes.  We can help any size customer with any size of rebate.  Our blog page highlights just a few of the rebates we have been a part of.  

Idaho Power provides a "tips and checklist" sheet to help customers evaluate contractors for lighting upgrades.  We encourage you to use the sheet and give us a call.  

Kidde Safety Notice

Please see the attached picture for more information about a recent Kidde Safety Notice.  


Solutions... not sales.

No matter what kind of project you are doing, chances are that you are going to need some help or advice.  We all know how frustrating it is to call someone or go to a store and not find the part or help that you need.  Sometimes, we don't even really know what we need.  That is why you call someone who can help.  A sales person can often convince you of "what they want you to need."  

On a daily basis, we provide customers with knowledge about there project, and options to accomplish their goals within their budget.  We are more focused on solutions, not sales.  For example, a customer recently wanted us to look at large contactors that appeared worn.  Instead of simply replacing the contactors, we were able to condition the contacts inside the contactors.  This option extended the service life of these contactors and saved the customer hundreds of dollars.

Next time you have a project, large or small, call someone you can trust to provide solutions, not just sales.


Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas is only a week away.  Here at Town & Country we want to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year.  Soon the days will start getting longer, but in the mean time the weather will do the "Idaho" thing and constantly change.  Many people use portable heaters to help provide additional heat to their home.  While this is common practice, we would like to offer words of advice to help keep everyone safe this holiday.  Portable electric heaters usually draw rather large amounts of electricity which can cause problems, especially in older homes.  Always unplug your heater when you leave, even if you are just leaving that area of your house.  An unattended heater is a recipe for disaster.  We have had some service calls already this year that could have become a very dangerous situation very fast.  Here are a couple pictures of outlets that had space heaters plugged into them.


Cut Your Energy Bill

"If you don't like the weather...wait five minutes."  While this is nice sometimes, it can be rough on our HVAC equipment and our wallets to have extreme weather like we do.  Here are some easy tips to help you save money in your home or office.

1.  In a home or office, computers are a major energy user.  Choosing energy star computers can reduce the energy used by up to 70%! 

2.  In the summer time, trying to keep your house dehumidified can help make your air conditioner's job much easier.

3.  When you only have a small amount of food you want to heat, use your toaster oven instead of your regular oven.  Toaster ovens can use HALF the energy a large oven uses.

4.  When the weather is warn, keep your window shades closed during the day to reflect the sun's heat.  It works even better if the shades are white.

5.  Summer or winter, try to keep lamps or other appliances away from your thermostat.  Heat from a lamp can make the air conditioning work more in the summer, and make your house colder in the winter.

In a home or office, there are many energy saving techniques that are easy to do.  We can help you learn more and track your savings.  We can install power strips (pictured below) that sense when you leave your desk and turn off "peripheral" devices, or we can do a full energy audit using our thermal camera to show you where your building is loosing heat.

power strip

This power strip can turn off peripheral devices such as screens or printers when you leave your desk for a longer period of time. It allows important devices, such as the computer itself to stay on so that you don't loose your work.


thermal door

This image shows a faulty door seal in a home.  This will only allow more heat to escape as the temperatures drop.