Thermography, electricians...and RACE CARS!

Here at Town and Country we are always looking for ways to expand our thinking.  Our thermographer recently spent time at Meridian Speedway using our thermal camera to inspect race cars and tires.

Some of the components that a thermal camera can check include:

  • Check radiators for blockage
  • Tire inflation
  • Exhaust temperatures
  • Easily identify fluid leaks
  • Brake components temperatures

Tire heating patterns drastically change traction and tire life.  A thermal image can also easily indicate if a tire is properly inflated or not.  Our thermographer learned a ton of information about race cars and met lots of great racing teams.  Out of respect for the racing teams, we are not going to post pictures of the cars, but our thermographer did find improperly inflated tires here at our office that we fixed.

thermal tires

P.S. - Go get 'em CHET! #81